Optimizing The Revenue Cycle 7 of 12: Charge Entry

Posted by Crystal L. Miner, MBA-HSA, FACMPE on Jan 23, 2019 1:33:00 PM

The authors of The Physician Billing Process: Navigating Potholes on the Road to Getting Paid note that charge entry “is often taken for granted, given the demands of other areas of the revenue cycle, yet it is crucial to ensuring a clean claim and avoiding claim denials.” To optimize this step of the revenue cycle, practice administrators must review three main aspects:


  1. The charge entry process itself
  2. Reviewing and editing charges before they become claims
  3. The practice’s fee schedule


There are many ways to enter charges. Clinics who use technology to automate this process as much as possible are ahead of the curve. From having EHRs that are directly interfaced with EPMs to allowing providers to use mobile applications to enter codes/charges when offsite, the fewer fingers typing charges, the less room for human error. There are many EHR systems that allow practices to create a flow where codes entered by a provider automatically correlate to a charge for the practice management and billing system. This removes the need to manually enter a charge for each CPT code performed during an office encounter.


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Topics: revenue cycle management, Medical Practice Improvement, Charge Entry