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Posted by Dave Cowley on Aug 21, 2017 2:57:52 PM

5 a.m. hits like a semi truck when my alarm goes off. I begrudgingly get out of bed and begin my morning routine. Being "healthier" this year certainly feels a lot more like being "tired." Once I get my gym clothes on, I feel my way down the dark staircase to my kitchen and pull out my pre-workout supplement. 


Supplement Your Medical CodingMix


Once this 3 step process is complete, I instantly feel a boost. My body responds and I know its time to get to work. I take this supplement combined with protein in the mornings to get the fitness results I want. Medical coding like my new years resolution can offer an extremely positive results on your practices financial outlook, or it can be bleak and discouraging. Lets take a look at how to boost your medical coding with supplements.  

Temporary Coding

Temporary medical coding is a great way to help keep things moving when a coder, office manager, biller, etc. is out on leave or vacation. July and December see an extreme uptick in employee vacation days, leaving administrators with a pile of coding work that needs to be done in order for claims to be submitted. Inevitably the large stack gets coded with a lower quality and higher denials as the recently returned personnel doing the coding is trying to play "catch up" in order to get back to his or her normal routine. Playing catch up is never a good thing when it comes to revenue. Temporary coding is a supplemental medical coding practice that can help providers maintain a level of excellence when coders are not able to perform due to leave. 

Overflow Coding

Overflow medical coding has become one of the best ways to ensure continued success withing the revenue cycle of your practice. Over the course of any given year a provider will see the number of patients fluctuate from week to week and month to month. The unpredictability of patient volumes can cause a lot of stress on many different levels. Staffing is a major concern, and at the heart of that is making sure cash flow doesnt become an issue. Asking a coder to code 800 charts a month when their normal output is 500 can cause a disaster with your coding related denials and eventually keeping a quality coder on board. Supplementing your overflow medical coding is a way to allow the coder to continue their same pace while still getting your coding done in a way that is efficient and keeps the cash flow steady. 

Denial Management

Coding related denials are a problem that we at code quick see time and time again. With the ever changing landscape of medical coding and the addition of codes being added pretty much weekly, things become difficult. Managing these denials is a chore that nobody wants to take time to do. If your first pass denial rate is anything greater than 5% you should probably seek out some professional help to make sure you get back on track. According to an MGMA study the cost to re-submit each claim is near $20 on average. Getting it right the first time is paramount in maximizing your reimbursement. 

Outsourced Coding

Production medical coding consists of taking over all your medical coding on a day to day basis to help free up more time to do what your practice needs most. Supplementing your practices revenue cycle with an outsourced expert team of medical coders will certainly maximize your reimbursement and give you more time to manage your practice more efficiently. Imagine if you only had to spend 10 minutes a week dedicated to medical coding, what would you do with the free time?


Increasing revenue is at the top of everyone's wish list when it comes to goals. The sure fire way to achieve said goals is through improved medical coding. Using supplemental medical coding within your practice can be a measurable difference in the results you're seeking. 






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